Cinekdoque is a film production company based in Uruguay and created by Federico Veiroj. The goal is to produce fiction and documentary films of Uruguayan and foreign authors.

The film collection section contains shortfilms and videos, most of them unpublished, programmed by Cinekdoque.

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FAUNA, feature film project by Federico Veiroj, will be participate at San Sebastian Film Festival Market. Based on FAUNA by Uruguayan writer Mario Levrero, the script is written by Agustina Liendo, Martín Mauregui, Martín Feldman and Federico Veiroj. The project is currently looking for financing and it has received ICAU’S (Uruguayan National Film Fund) Production award.


The film THE MONEYCHANGER (ASÍ HABLÓ EL CAMBISTA), directed by Federico Veiroj -2019, produced by Oriental Features from Uruguay, Rizoma from Argentina, in coproduction with Pandora Filmproduktion from Germany, and Cinekdoque from Uruguay as associate production company, will have its World Premiere at Platform’s Competitive Section from Toronto International Film Festival. Also, the film will have its European Premiere at San Sebastian Film Festival, and the American Premiere will be at New York Film Festival. Watch trailer



The film BELMONTE (Federico Veiroj, 2018) won the Best Script Astor Award at 33th Mar del Plata Film Festival. The film continues its International Film Festival’s circuit and it’s also available to watch it at the these cinemas in Uruguay.


BELMONTE (Federico Veiroj, 2018) will have its World Premiere in Septiembre at the Toronto Film Festival; weeks later the film will also have its European Premiere at San Sebastian Film Festival. The film will also participate at Festivals around the World and it will have theatrical releases in the following months.


THE APOSTATE continues its exhibitions at International Film Festivals and it was released on DVD in Spain, France and in USA with a deluxe edition containing Veiroj’s two previous feature films ACNE and A USEFUL LIFE. From November 19th, 2016, THE APOSTATE will be available for streaming on Netflix Latin America -next year it will be available for the rest of the world.


Federico Veiroj’s three feature films ACNE, A USEFUL LIFE and THE APOSTATE will be shown at the Harvard Film Archive. Find this link to know more about Veiroj’s showcase.


In October 2015, all Veiroj’s films and some shortfilms were shown as retro at the Viennale Film Festival. Here the link to find out more about it.


EL APÓSTATA (THE APOSTATE) continues its Festivals tour through the world, meanwhile commercial releases for 2016 are being prepared: in France through Paname Distribution, in USA through Breaking Glass Pictures, in Mexico through Corazón Films, in Brazil through Tucuman Filmes and Argentina through Cinetren.


THE APOSTATE (EL APÓSTATA) had its Spanish Premiere through Avalon Distribution.


As follows, we present a list of Film Festivals where the film THE APOSTATE (EL APÓSTATA) will be showed at: Zurich Film Festival, Hamburg Film Festival, Busan Film Festival, Bogotá Film Festival, London Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, Viennale Film Festival, Sao Paulo Film Festival, Morelia Film Festival, and there’s more to come soon.